911 Call Released for Teens Hospitalized After Ingesting Substance at Davie JROTC Ball

Davie Fire Rescue officials said six people who "ingested an unknown substance" at the Signature Grand and were taken to a local hospital

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Police on Tuesday released the 911 call detailing the moments that led to six teens being hospitalized after ingesting some type of substance at a Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps ball in Davie earlier this month.

In the call, the person asks for assistance after saying several students were experiencing symptoms after drinking water believed to be mixed with an unknown substance at the Signature Grand ballroom on April 14.

“We’re having a high school banquet and we’ve got…now three kids who, they look high," the caller said. "One of them is really having some convulsions and going into shock.”

“Okay, so they took some type of drugs?" the 911 operator asked.

“We think they got some type of drugs slipped in their drinks,” the caller responded, adding later that a fourth person was experiencing symptoms.

The teens were taking part in the JROTC military ball for several high schools, including Northeast and Coral Springs, when several students became ill.

Davie Fire Rescue officials said six people who "ingested an unknown substance" were taken to a local hospital. Hospital officials said four of them were later released.

Other students who took part in the ball said the victims began feeling sick after drinking water that may have been laced with something.

"It was a fun night basically until that happened," Lorenzo Toafa said. "Kids just felt dizzy, they started throwing up real bad."

Students said it was frightening to see their friends suddenly get sick.

“For the kids, the Northeast kids that drank the water, they got high and everything, they started acting crazy, started acting wild," said Earl Caya.

Davie Police officials said what the students ingested may have been over-the-counter and legal.

There is an open investigation into the incident, police said.

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