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For One "Mary Poppins" Actor, Show's Stop in Miami a Visit Home

Tonya Thompson plays Mrs. Corry in the musical at the Adrienne Arsht Center



    Tonya Thompson, who plays Mrs. Corry, said it's wonderful to bring the show to her hometown. She said the theatre bug didn't hit her until her last year at Miami Northwestern Senior High School. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013)

    "Mary Poppins," the hit Broadway musical, is making a stop in Miami this week. For one of its actors, it's coming home.

    “It’s wonderful bringing a show I love and am proud of to my hometown,” Tonya Thompson said.

    Thompson grew up in Miami, but now, she plays Mrs. Corry – a friend of the popular nanny.

    “She is the gingerbread shop owner and she teaches the kids to come up with their own words when there’s nothing left to say,” Thompson said.

    That leads to the hard to say, and even harder to spell, song – "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

    For Mary Poppins herself, a weeklong visit in Miami is a "super" spot this time of year.

    “I live in New York, and it’s so fun to tell my friends it’s 80 degrees,” said Madeline Trumble, who plays the title character.

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    For the man playing Bert, a chimney sweeper who just so happens to know how to tap dance upside-down, narrating throughout the show was a new challenge.

    “He doesn’t have the fourth wall so he can talk to the audience and guide their attention of where they need to look and what’s going to happen,” Con O’Shea Creal said.

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    "Mary Poppins" will be at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts until Sunday, Jan. 6. Tickets start at $26. Visit or call (305) 949-6722 for more information.

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