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Foul-Mouthed Defendant Curses at Judge, Gets 364 Days in Jail



    A foul-mouthed defendant was held without bond on contempt of court charges. Here's what he said to Broward's high-profile Judge John "Jay" Hurley. (Published Thursday, June 12, 2014)

    A domestic violence defendant dared Broward County Judge John Hurley to sentence him during a profanity-laden tirade in bond court Thursday — and the judge obliged, sentencing him to just one day short of a year in jail for contempt of court.

    In making his first appearance in bond court on charges related to domestic violence, Christopher Colon, 27, wasted no time expressing his feelings towards law enforcement.

    “You guys can suck my ****,” Colon said. “You guys can suck my ****.”

    The judge informed the defendant that his bond would be $125,000 on each count, or $250,000 total. Colon said that was no problem and that he could bond out.

    Hurley further ordered that Colon be put on pre-trial release with a GPS monitor because of what Hurley said was Colon’s tendency to “keep violating court orders.” Colon said he wasn’t worried about the GPS monitor or any financial penalty.

    “That’s no problem, I’ll do that, too. C’mon, man, I’ll do all that, man,” Colon said. “My family owns Club Cinema right there on Pompano, man.”

    Hurley then ordered that Colon be held without bond until further ordered, and Colon wasted no time responding.

    “No problem. Like I said, you guys can suck my **** while you guys at it,” Colon said.

    The judge then told Colon that “the court, at this time, is inclined to hold you in contempt of court.”

    “I don't give a ****! Go ahead, I got lawyers. Man, I got lawyers,” Colon screamed at the judge.

    Colon’s outbursts even drew scorn from a fellow defendant, who could be heard telling him to “shut up!” Colon then launched into a diatribe about what he viewed as the problems in the criminal justice system.

    “I gotta hear this stuff from this **** ass ******* right here, man? These white people are innocent. We black people and Hispanics, they try to put us away, man,” Colon said. “They try to put us away man like we *****ng slaves. That’s got me ****ed up.”

    Hurley continued speaking at the same time as Colon and told him that he would “give you an opportunity to tell me why you shouldn’t be held in contempt of court.” The defendant said he had permission to be around the person involved with his crime and that he was wrongly accused.

    Hurley said that Colon’s words were not a “sufficient defense” and that he was going to find him in contempt of court.

    “You [were] already going to find me in contempt of court, anyway,” Colon said.

    Hurley gave Colon one more chance to make a comment before he was sentenced for the contempt of court.

    “Sentence me. Go ahead, sentence me,” Colon responded. “I’m not apologizing to you. This gotta be ****ed up, man. You ain’t no mother ****ing Hitler man for me to have to salute.”

    Hurley sentenced Colon to 364 days in the Broward County Jail, which Colon laughed at.

    “You ****ing ******** still got to feed me, man, and give me a mother ****ing bed,” Colon said.

    Hurley, who never lost his cool or raised his voiced during the exchage, thanked the defendant at the end, to which Colon responded “**** you, that’s why I...” before his mic was cut off and he was led away.

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