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Fontainebleau Widow Charged in Mother-in-Law's Murder

Narcy Novak is charged with killing her mother-in-law two months before offing her husband



    Fontainebleau Widow Charged in Mother-in-Law's Murder
    (L to R): Narcy Novack, Ben Novack Jr., and Bernice Novack.

    There were two things standing in the way of Narcy Novack inheriting the massive fortune of the builder of the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami: her husband and her mother-in-law.

    Federal prosecutors said she fixed the problem by killing them both.

    Narcy Novack, who is already facing murder charges in connection with the death of Ben Novack Jr., was charged Tuesday with the murder of his mother, Bernice Novack.

    Bernice Novack's death in Fort Lauderdale was originally ruled an accident but was reclassified a homicide after Narcy Novack's arrest in the death of her husband.

    Bernice was killed two months before her son was found murdered in a New York hotel room in July 2009.

    Originally, the Novack matriarch's death was thought to be a slip and fall accident in her Fort Lauderdale home. But a coroner's report concluded the 86-year-old woman was likely hit over the head with a monkey wrench and left to die in a pool of her own blood in the garage.

    Prosecutors claim Narcy Novack, a former exotic dancer, allowed two men -- her brother and another accomplice -- into the hotel suite in Rye Brook where her husband was staying.

    She allegedly handed them a pillow to place over her Ben Novack's head while he was bound and beaten to death with dumbbells, and then had his eyes cut out.

    Her brother, Cristobal Veliz, was also charged Tuesday with helping kill Bernice Novack. 

    Narcy Novack has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges linked to her husband's death.