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Most Miamians Fail the Stress Test

Miami ranks sixth on the most stressful cities list



    Most Miamians Fail the Stress Test

    Sunshine, hot women and even hotter night clubs.

    What's there to be stressed about?

    Apparently plenty, according to a new poll that ranks Miami among the most stressful cities in the U.S.

    Forbes used high unemployment rates, commute times, work hours and threw factors related to exercise and health to determine the Magic City was the sixth most stressful place to live.

    Now we might have agreed if the analysis included hurricane threats and corrupt politicians, but for the most parts Miamians are a loose bunch. Why worry about not having a job or bumper to bumper traffic when you can drown your sorrows in mojitos and $50 cover charges to get in the club of the night?

    Miami's most stressful attributes were limited exercise and high unemployment, according to the rankings, which again we say poppycock because tanning and chasing down potential employers is some of the best exercise you can get under the Miami sun.

    Surprisingly, Miami isn't the most stressful place in the state. Residents in Tampa have it pretty rough, according to Forbes. They were ranked fourth.

    The most stressful place in the U.S. is Sin City because it's really hard to get exercise when you're running hot at the craps table.