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Mother Testifies in School Sex Assualt Trial

A mother took the stand in a trial over the alleged sex assault of her son at a Miami school.



    The mother of a boy who says he was sexually assaulted at a Miami Charter school, took the stand in a Miami courtroom Monday. NBC 6's Justin Finch reports. (Published Monday, April 7, 2014)

    The mother of a boy who claims he was raped and bullied by a fellow student at Downtown Miami Charter School testified in civil court Monday.

    NBC 6 is not identifying the mother nor her son, but after his alleged attack about two years ago, she said her son became depressed.

    She also recalled noticing her son making a turnaround in his temperament after he tried to tell adults at school what happened to him.

    "Every time I go to someone before they even listen to what I say, they just dismiss me, like, I tried to tell my teacher," she said he told her.

    The boy said one morning on the way to school a fifth-grade boy forced him to perform oral sex on him, and then assaulted him twice more in a school bathroom.

    But the school's principal said the bathroom where the boy claims he was attacked is monitored.

    On the witness stand, the mother said her son became tormented by his classmates once they found out about the allegations.

    She said the experiences led her son to try taking his own life twice. Once by throwing himself into moving traffic, and a second time by trying to jam a metal hangar into an electrical wall socket.

    "In order to not have that burden on me, I would rather just kill myself, and just be done with everything," she said he told her.

    The defense has argued the boy was already traumatized by his little sister's recent death, but the mother insists her son was traumatized by what happened at school.

    "He now has a fear of using the bathrooms, and the fear of bathrooms is bad because, if I take him to the mall, he would have to go the ladies restroom with me," she said. "He doesn't want to go to the male restroom by himself."

    The mother is seeking $25 million in damages.