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Starbucks' Grande Plan for College



    NBC 6's Jamie Guirola has the details on a new plan from Starbucks that would help pay for most of the tuition of an online degree for its workers. (Published Monday, June 16, 2014)

    Starbucks, the name synonymous with coffee, will start a new program this year to offer a free online college education through a joint program with Arizona State University.

    Everett Ford, a Barista and student at University of Miami said, "I think that’s pretty cool. I feel like everyone deserves an education and that education can be taken for granted almost at times."

    Starbucks says it is whipping up opportunity for all of its 135,000 employees by taking a load off of their student debt. Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO said in the promo for the program, "Maybe in many ways this was something we’re supposed to do to begin with to serve our people as well as our customers."

    The company said the program will be available to workers who clock at least 20 hours per week. Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University also said, "The college achievement plan was a model built on the notion of empowerment across the entire cross section of society."

    The College Achievement Plan is designed for employees who already have two years of college under their belt to finish school at no cost by getting reimbursed. Everett Ford is a barista who is almost finished studying at UM. But he says there will be a lot of people who can benefit.

    "Along with the benefits that I’m eligible for as an employee now, there’s this and that just makes the company that much better," Ford said.

    Freshmen and sophomores will get a deep discount on tuition at ASU after factoring in a scholarship from the company.

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