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No Sweat: Thieves Allegedly Stole 75 Deodorant Sticks

Fort Pierce police are looking for two women who stole large amounts of deodorant from a Winn Dixie



    No Sweat: Thieves Allegedly Stole 75 Deodorant Sticks
    A pair of female thieves didn't make it a secret about what they were stealing.

    Stealing stinks, but two women will have plenty of options to cover up the stench after stealing 75 sticks of deodorant from a South Florida Winn Dixie.

    Fort Pierce police said the two middle-aged women filled their purses with Gillette and Secret women’s deodorant while store employees and customers watched.

    When a clerk walked toward them, the alleged suspects walked to another aisle and then came back for a second batch of goods, an incident report stated.

    The two women, one black and the other white, then hustled to their getaway car - a minivan.

    Cops said the women didn't appear to sweat the fact that people were watching.

    “They just blatantly walk into this aisle and just emptied a row of deodorant," Det. David Cuti told WPTV. "I doubt 75 bars of deodorant were for personal use.”

    Cuti said that the crime is not that uncommon. He believes that a few dishonest local family-owned stores are behind it.

    "People would go out to some of these stores and take out some of these shelves and then go back to some of the smaller home-grown stores, the "mom and pop" stores, and sell them to them," Cuti said. "In recent cases we have had, the owner of the store actually solicited these people to get this merchandise."