Alleged Thieves Accused of Going Through Mailboxes in Hialeah

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A trio faced a judge Friday and were accused of multiple crimes, including going through people's mailboxes in Miami-Dade.

Caroline Piloto, Ariel Galindo and Diego Rosas were found Thursday in Hialeah violating Florida’s executive emergency order for social distancing and not wearing face masks or coverings, according to Hialeah police.

Prosecutors say they were together smoking what may have been marijuana or hemp.

Police found Piloto had two credit cards belonging to someone else. The trio also allegedly had checks from account numbers that didn’t belong to them that were possibly stolen from mailboxes.

Officers also found several knives, cellphones, drug paraphernalia and six screwdrivers they said were consistent with tools used to commit burglaries. 

“Thanks to this investigation, we were able to stop these people that have been targeting mailboxes," said Sgt. Ivel Perez of the Hialeah Police Department. "We actually are asking the community to be careful with mailboxes, try to check the mail as soon as they came and not allow them to stay there for days.”

Rosas was out of jail on probation on another case and has a list of prior convictions for drug possession and burglary. He was charged with one felony count of unlawful possession of five or more identification documents.

Piloto and Rosas got house arrest on all the charges with alternate bonds, and Galindo's charges ended up getting dropped by prosecutors. 

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