Anna Nicole Judge Accused of Exploiting Elderly Woman Settles Lawsuit

Larry Seidlin settles lawsuit that accused him of taking advantage of elderly neighbor

The former Broward judge who presided over the Anna Nicole Smith burial case has reached a settlement with the family of an elderly neighbor who he’d been accused of taking advantage of for several years.

Former Broward Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin had been the subject of a civil case brought by the family of Barbara Kasler, who died last November at age 84.

Seidlin and his in-laws, Oren and Barbara Ray, lived in the same Fort Lauderdale condo building as Kasler, whose wealth was estimated at $5 million, according to the lawsuit.

The confidential settlement was signed by Seidlin, his in-laws and the Kasler family in September and October, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Seidlin’s attorney, Russell Adler, didn’t confirm the settlement but told the Sun-Sentinel that the “case has been resolved.”

Seidlin’s wife and Kasler’s niece declined to comment.

Seidlin's financial dealings with Kasler were investigated in 2008 by the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office. Kasler had allegedly given Seidlin and his family close to $500,000 in gifts and cash.
Before she died, Kasler told investigators she saw the judge as part of her family and was especially fond of his daughter, which is why she paid the girl's private school tuition for several years.
The situation apparently didn't sit well with Kasler's niece and caretaker, who began monitoring how Seidlin treated the elderly woman.

They claimed Seidlin has been taking advantage of the elderly woman for years.

Seidlin was twice been investigated by the state for taking advantage of Kasler, and both times was cleared of wrongdoing. He was even accused of neglecting to feed and medicate her.

The Seidlins had argued that they treated Kasler like family, taking care of her for years with meals, rides to doctors’ appointments and frequent visits.

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