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Broward Mother Accused of Beating Three Children Repeatedly for a Year

Aveline Registre, 40, is accused of beating and scarring her three children during the last year

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A Deerfield Beach woman remains behind bars, accused of regularly beating her daughter and twin sons during the past year.  

Aveline Registre, 40, was arrested Thursday after physical examinations of the three children showed hundreds of scars, bruises, marks, swelling and healed injuries, according to court documents.

The names and exact ages of all three children were redacted from the report but the twins are 7 years old and the girl is also under the age of 18.

Since the siblings’ previous physical examinations on June 14, 2021, medical personnel found 43 more marks on the girl’s body for a total of 69 consistent with being struck on her back, arms, and thighs.

She said her mother disciplined her with a cellphone charger cord, the report stated.

Aveline Registre

One of the twin boys had 141 injuries to his chest, back, right arm, thighs, and buttocks. He also had a swollen left cheek where he said his mother kicked him.

The other twin boy showed 80 injuries to his body. Some of the children’s injuries had healed and scarred indicating a history of abuse, examiners said.

Speaking with investigators, the children told of how their mother would use a belt, a charging cord and her open hand to discipline them.

In a recent incident, she grabbed one boy by the neck, picked him up in the air and slammed him to the floor. The other boy came to his aid and helped pick up his brother, the report stated.

One boy declined to mention how he got injured because Registre told him not to tell anyone she hit him, investigators said.

At her first court appearance Thursday afternoon, Registre interrupted the Creole interpreter and denied hurting her children.

"They were playing on the street," she said. "They were on the streets, playing."

Medical personnel said these injuries were not the result of childhood play. They also had photographs of the injuries they treated during the past year.

In their reports to the Broward Sheriff's Office Child Protective Investigator Services, the medical personnel wrote, “There are concerns that this [child] is already being beaten excessively at a young age and this abuse will continue, if not worsen, as the child ages.”

Registre is charged with three counts of aggravated child abuse and is in the Broward County Jail on bonds totaling $75,000, records show.

Broward Circuit Judge Phoebee Francois also ordered that Registre have no contact with any children and possess no firearms if she is released from jail.

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