Businessman Denies Strip Club Coming to Miami Beach

A man with ties to a popular south Florida strip club says he won't be bringing a second location to Miami Beach.

Akinyele Adams came to a meeting held by residents in Miami Beach Monday, but it was a guest-list only meeting.

The location in question is 1330 Ocean Drive. Last week, the city attorney informed commissioners and the mayor that he received notification of an individual that has acquired the naming rights for the King of Diamonds strip club, and intends on opening some type of business establishment at the location.

Adams, who was once a manager at the strip club, says the new business will be a soul food restaurant and calls any sort of backlash "a modern day lynching because it is a black-owned establishment."

"Residents were under the influence that we were going to do a strip club with nudity or something like that but we're not doing no type of nudity, we just want to be like every other restaurant out here that's gonna have beautiful people, beautiful food," he said.

Residents say they are concerned this new business could be a similar establishment to King of Diamonds, although the city manager told NBC 6 it is illegal to open an adult entertainment nightclub on Miami Beach.

"My gut tells me, and of course I could be wrong, that this place is going to open, they may be restricted on serving alcohol, or the women will have to wear pasties but if it is in fact a possibility, my experience is the place will open," resident Mitch Novick said.

Adams says he will do everything by the book.

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