Cafetera on Wheels Serves Up Cafecito Around Miami

It's proven to be a recipe of success, even during the pandemic.

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A new coffee concept has rolled into the scene in South Florida.

Nine months ago, over some cafecito, an idea was born. Two friends took a look at a cafetera and decided, why not make a giant one?

"La Cafetera" is about 13 feet tall by 7 feet wide, and mounted on a trailer ready to go to any event or location. To kick off the holiday weekend, administrators at Our Lady of Lourdes academy hired the cafe-on-wheels as a sweet surprise for teachers.

Inside, John Fernandez and Alexander Linares prep the espresso and offer the Cuban classics: cafecito, cortadito and cafe con leche.

"We wanna bring smiles in this time of disaster and pandemic and all this negative energy ... we are trying to bring some light to that," Linares said.

Fernandez and Linares created the concept in 2019 and brought it to life in March 2020. Once the pandemic started brewing, that didn’t stop them.

"We were able to do parades, and stuff like that, private events," Linares said. "So thank God we were able to adapt and do stuff for the community.” 

The friends and co-owners hope to spread the cafecito love across the country. They’re already in talks to build more cafeteras.

"I’m super proud of it. 'Till this day, every time I open up the garage door and I see it, I say, 'Wow, we actually did this. This is still real and it’s here!'" Linares said.

To see what they’re up to next you can find them on Instagram @lacafetera.305

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