Central Florida Officer Loses Job After Derogatory Social Media Comment About Former President Obama

An officer in one Central Florida city is off the job after she called former President Obama a "gorilla."

Christina Arribas says she's devastated and never intended to hurt the Bartow Police Department or the community.

"I just want to apologize for the comment I made. I know how offensive it was to some people. I implied it towards one person specifically. It's not a feeling of an entire race,” said Arribas. "At the time I was elated that the former president was on his way out of the White House because I felt he was largely responsible for the war on law enforcement.”

Arribas questions the timing of the local pastor, Clayton Cowart, who demanded her termination months after the post.

"You can't hold much credibility to what she has to say,” Cowart said. “I think she was used to open the door and open the eyes for us to see the heart of the chief."

Cowart, who is from the nearby city of Winter Haven, is representing a black officer who claims was wrongly terminated and discriminated against by the department.

Arribas, who says she was disciplined and went through training after the post in November, plans to appeal the decision and hopes to get her job back.

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