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Child Beaten With Belt by Another Student's Mother at Florida City School

Zendre Pollard said her son was on the receiving end of the belt attack, and tells NBC 6 her son now has a busted lip.

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Surveillance video appears to show a woman in pink marching into a Florida City school Thursday and attacking a child before leaving the school with what looks like a belt in her hand.

It all happened at the Bethel Seventh Day Adventist private school on Redland Road. Zendre Pollard said her son was on the receiving end of the belt attack, and said her son now has a busted lip.

“The mom comes in fussing and cussing at my child, and just beating him in his face! His head, his face, his arms,” said Pollard. 

She said it started when her son was being bullied by another student.

“He called and said someone was bullying him, fat shaming him, and he picked up the child and dropped the child back down on his feet,” said Pollard. 

After the incident between the two children, Pollard said the mother of the other child showed up at the school to attack her son. 

“[My son] was being bullied, he defended himself and then the mom came and she was hitting on him and whooping on him with a belt,” said Pollard. 

Pollard said she’d taken her son to be evaluated at a local hospital, and said he has a history of seizures.  

“My son could have went into a seizure and died. Anything. You’re just hitting him across the head,” she said.

Pollard said she’s pressing charges against the other parent, who she said she knows personally.  She’s also demanding answers from school administrators. 

“How did this lady get this far, was able to hit my child multiple times, and you saw it wasn’t broken up, she walked out calmly,” she said. “My child wasn’t safe. My son was bullied by her son, and then bullied by the mom.” 

The Florida City Police Department confirmed it is investigating the incident, and said detectives know who the parent is.  NBC 6 called listed phone numbers for the parent, but was unable to make contact with her. 

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