Citrus Grove Middle School Students Robbed and Assaulted: Police

Four people are in custody after the group allegedly assaulted and robbed students at Miami Senior High School and then later at Citrus Grove Middle School.

In both cases, the foursome allegedly attacked and beat up the students on school grounds before stealing their cell phones.

"This is the blood that came out of my mouth and my lip and everything," said 13-year-old Norman Berrios. "They dropped to the floor and started kicking me in the face and everything."

Berrios and two others were shooting basketball outside the school waiting for the school day to start. That's when the alleged assaults happened.

"He started punching me and everything," Berrios said. "I got up and tried to run away, but then a skinny one came and dropped me to the floor and he started kicking me. I have shoemarks on this cheek."

Berrios was one of four victims attacked and robbed at one of the schools Monday morning. The first stop at Miami Senior High happened inside a hallway at the school.

Officers were able to track down the thugs after being alerted to the type of car the group was in. When police pulled over the car, which was also stolen; they arrested the driver and the others ran off.

While on the run, the group broke into a home where they hid until police took them into custody.

"This could have been worse; I thank God for it not, for being okay," Berrios said. "Because some people they end up dying or getting injured in the hospital with a broken face or nose."

Police haven't provided much information about the suspects, but at least one of those arrested was a juvenile.

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