Coconut Creek High School Student Arrested for Bringing Knife to School: Police

A teacher made a discovery at a high school that has parents in Broward on edge. A student was arrested for allegedly taking a knife on campus.

19-year-old Torrance Stephens, a student at Coconut Creek High School, has been charged with carrying a weapon onto school grounds.

Police said he had an eight-inch knife with him on Thursday. They said a teacher discovered Stephens had the knife and went to the school's administrators who removed Stephens from class and located the weapon.

"It's pretty dangerous for the school. If you bring drugs or a knife, you won't be successful at all because you are messing up your life," one student said.

"I'm glad they caught him before he hurt someone," another student added.

Police said Stephens was worried about his safety and that's why he had the weapon, but didn't say exactly why he thought he was in danger.

Stephens has since been released from jail. He faces one charge of bringing a weapon on school property.

School officials said they aren't sure when Stephens will be allowed back in the classroom.

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