Cop Crash Smells of Alcohol and Cover Up

A Miami cop who crashed into a parked van has resigned but won't face DUI charges

Sarah-Anne Hoyle had a promising career as a police officer, but a suspect crash in February has her looking for a new career.

But at least she isn't in jail.

Hoyle, 24, was involved in bizarre crash in February when she rammed her patrol car into a parked van in downtown Miami.

One police officer said he could smell alcohol on her breathe, but her other cop buddies didn't administer a field sobriety test until hours later - after they had given her something to eat.

The questionable handling of the case continued when Hoyle was taken back to the precinct, where investigators finally decided to take a sample of Hoyle's blood six hours after the crash was reported. The sample was for "administrative purposes."

There was not enough evidence of alcohol impairment for officers to request a sobriety test immediately, although ''one sergeant detected an odor of alcohol,'' according to a report filed by the Miami-Dade state attorney's office.

If it looks like a cover up and smells like a cover up (and bourbon), then it's probably official police business.

Results from Hoyle's blood testing came back below Florida's legal limit of .08, but that doesn't mean her blood-alcohol level wasn't significantly higher at the time of the crash.

After all, Hoyle did know the law and knew how to beat the system. She had crashed her patrol car before and was asked to get counseling.

This time, let's hope she listens.

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