Day 2 of Opa-locka Officer German Bosque's False Imprisonment Trial

Bosque is accused of illegally handcuffing and detaining a man at the Opa-locka Police station.

An Opa-locka police officer took the stand Wednesday at the trial of a fellow officer accused of illegally handcuffing and detaining a man in 2011, as prosecutors cast doubts on the defense's argument that he had done so in order to protect the man's 13-month-old son.

German Bosque, 50, is accused of illegally handcuffing and detaining a man at the Opa-locka Police station in August of 2011 after the man tried to file a complaint.

Officer Orlando Bueno, who was there the day of the alleged incident, testified on what he saw.

Authorities said Corey Davis attempted to file the complaint on Aug. 3, 2011, after Bosque allegedly punched him while responding to a domestic call. Davis was held against his will and not allowed to file the complaint, authorities said.

Bosque's defense attorneys tried to prove Bosque held Davis against his will to protect the man's 13-month-old son. According to arrest reports, Davis refused to hand over his child to girlfried Joanna Flores, who had sole custody at the time, when Davis went over for a visit.

On the day of the incident, Flores had told police that Davis had tried to run her over. Bueno testified that Davis could have been charged with aggravated assault with a motor vehicle had there been probable cause, but that he didn't believe Flores was telling the truth.

Prosecutors said Davis was sitting in his car with the child and did not intend to hurt the child or his girlfriend. They argue that Bosque overreacted.

The court also heard from Davis, who finished retelling what happened that day. The court reviewed video, which shows Bosque and Davis walking calmly together outside the Opa-locka police station.

Bosque's defense pointed out that Bosque allowed Davis to walk behind him, and argued that Bosque would have made sure to be behind Davis if he was trying to exercise authority over Davis.

"I think the tactic was, regardless of who was out and who was in front, is the fact that I wasn't allowed to make a complaint," Davis said.

The trial may continue through Friday.

Bosque, who also faces a misdemeanor battery charge, was fired by Opa-locka Police in October 2012.

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