Defendant in Bad Butt Injections Case Pleads Guilty, Sentenced to One Year in Prison

Oneal Morris will have to surrender in January after she was sentenced to 366 days in prison on one count of practicing medicine without a license in Miami-Dade court.

A South Florida woman accused of injecting people’s buttocks with Fix-a-Flat and other substances in an alleged black market business agreed to a plea deal Thursday that will keep her behind bars for a year.

Oneal Morris, 32, will have to surrender on Jan. 7 after she was sentenced to 366 days in prison on one count of practicing medicine without a license in Miami-Dade court.

"I'm just happy this case is over, you know, it impacted my life a lot and God has really prevailed for me," Morris said after the sentencing.

The defendant was momentarily at a loss for words when describing the case.

"It's been very difficult," Morris said.

Morris and Corey Eubank were arrested in 2011 after several victims alleged Morris had injected their legs and buttocks with a mixture that included Fix-a-Flat, cement and superglue.

In court Thursday, prosecutors said they were unable to determine the "mystery substance."

"Since it was delayed disclosure, we were never able to determine what was injected into the victims," prosecutor Katheline Cortes said.

In late July 2012, Morris, who police say is a transgender woman, was also arrested on two charges including manslaughter in the death of Shatarka Nuby, 32.

One of Morris' victims, Rajee Narinesingh, said one year behind bars isn't nearly enough for Morris. Narinesingh, who is also a transgender woman, said Morris' treatment produced golf ball-sized nodules on her face.

“I know that for a transgender person in prison probably it’s gonna be very difficult, but compared to all of the suffering that people have gone through based on what she did, it probably isn’t enough,” she said.

Narinesingh said Morris treated her almost 10 years ago. She first received cosmetic injections in her face, and after she didn't have a reaction at first, she proceeded to injections into her breast, hips and buttocks, Narinesingh said.

But the treatment backfired.

"At one time my face was like a rock, it was that hard," Narinesingh said.

Narinesingh, who said she could have died, is now receiving monthly medical treatment with a licensed medical professional. She hopes to educate others about the dangers of undergoing procedures without licensed professionals.

Morris still has a pending case in Broward. Eubank pleaded no contest to two counts of culpable negligence in July and was sentenced to one year of probation.

Morris' attorney declined to comment on the open case in Broward.

In June, a judge rejected a plea deal that would have given Morris 180 days in jail, five years' probation and a fine.

Morris had been facing 15 years in state prison if the case had gone to trial.

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