Disabled Veteran Carjacked at Gunpoint in Sanford

Authorities in central Florida are looking for a pair of men behind the armed carjacking of a 72-year-old disabled veteran.

Lawrence Williams, of Sanford, said he was heading to the store Thursday when he was approached by a man threatening him with a gun.

"With a gun, with a piece of steel in your face, you'd give up anything," Williams told WESH.

"I want your vehicle and I'm going to take it," the suspect reportedly said, pointing the gun at Williams. "We will shoot you if you don't get out."

Williams tried to leave in his vehicle but the second suspect pulled him to the ground. The suspects took the vehicle, along with Williams' wallet, cellphone, walker cane, oxygen tank and medication.

Williams only suffered minor scrapes.

"My health wouldn't allow me to give up the best fight I could," he said.

Sanford Police found the stolen vehicle but are still looking for the suspects.

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