Dogs Displaced By Isaac Ready for Adoption in Broward

The dogs were at a shelter in Gulfport but that were forced to be moved around the country

For 27 dogs at the Humane Society of Broward County it's all about second chances.

"Hurricane Isaac really put a path right through their town," said Cherie Wachter from the humane society.

They were looking for a family at the Humane Society of Southwest  Mississippi in Gulfport before Isaac, and the shelter was forced to send all 200 dogs and cats to various shelters across the country. A few ended up in Broward.

"Then they were loaded up on a transport vehicle and transported over 750 miles. It was a 14-plus hour journey, and they traveled all the way here to South Florida," she said.

Jose Cruz wanted to adopt an animal after losing his own dog recently.

"These dogs that have gone through the crisis from the storm. They are homeless right now, they need the attention," he said.

The dogs have their vaccinations and will be spayed or neutered before being adopted. They range in age from 4 months to six years old and most are medium to large dogs.

"These were animals that were at the shelter prior to the storm. Some seem to know some basic commands which is a bonus when you are adopting an adult dog," Wachter said.

That is just what Cruz is looking for.

"These animals feel. They have feelings. They are great friends," Cruz said.

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