Dolphins to Fans: We Be Clubbin'

Dolphins roll out the "orange carpet" for VIP fans

The Miami Dolphins have announced that they will be opening a night club at Land Shark Stadium during the season, which goes perfect with the VIP board room owner Stephen Ross has assembled.

Ross promised he would make Dolphins games an entertaining experience and he is doing his best - and worst - to deliver. We're expecting a gentleman's club with a name like "XXX Fantasy Football" next.

Pretty soon the actual football game will be the halftime show and fans will be chosen to enter the game depending on whether or not they are buying a bottle and dressed appropriately.

The club will be co-promoted by Ocean Drive and hopefully some of the models who grace the pages of the slick fashion magazine will be regulars at the club to cheer on the Dolphins. That would make it worth going to.

The 4,500-square-foot club will be located on Gate G sub-concourse an will be called (drum roll, please), the Ocean Drive Club. Dolphins CEO Mike Dee said the club will be a VIP-only venue and can comfortably accommodate about 250 guests. The club will have the standard flat-screen TVs, top shelf bar and private areas.

It will also feature an "orange carpet" for fans to line and gawk at celebs like Venus and Serena Williams, J-Lo and Marc Anthony, and T-Pain and his autotune sound crew.

"This way, any celebrities, former football players, or other sports stars who are attending the game will be seen as they enter the stadium headed for the VIP club," Dee told People Magazine.

Way to stay in touch with the hardcore Dolfan, Dee.

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