Eco Tees Help Golfers Go for the Green

Biodegradable golf tees promise to help the environment

Golfers who want to stay green while aiming for the green are picking up the newest innovation to help stay ecofriendly on the links: biodegradable golf tees.

Pompano Beach-based Capsuline is used to making gelatin capsules for vitamins and other pills, and the company decided to put to use all that leftover gelatin they had when the manufacturing process was finished.

The result is GelTees, biodegradable golf tees made of one hundred percent animal gelatin, and Capsuline's owner said he hopes their tees will help save some trees.

"There is an enormous amount of trees that are being knocked down annually to produce and fulfill the demand for these golf tees," said Jonathan Gilinski, president and CEO of Capsuline. "We just wanted to somehow alleviate that."

The tees are made so that they decompose just a few days after coming into contact with the sun or water or even just the moisture from the ground.

"When animals decompose into the land they fertilize, this is basically the same thing," Gilinski said. "It's a natural material created from an animal, so when it decomposes it fertilizes into the ground leaving no waste."

GelTees will be available in two different sizes and will come in variety colors. They can be found in sport retailers and select golf courses this fall, and course managers can't wait.

"If it's environmentally friendly, like I said, the golf course industry is heading in that direction, so bring them on," said Tom Loffey, with the Grand Palms Resort.

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