Street Feeding Homeless Is Trashing Downtown Miami, Local Group Says

What to Know

  • Downtown Miami residents are frustrated with the amount of trash littering the streets
  • A local group dedicated to preventing homelessness says a large part of it is because of street feeding

A local group says feeding homeless people on the street can contribute to trashing downtown Miami.

Residents and owners have been complaining about the amount of trash outside of their homes and businesses.

The problem, according to business owner Titi Puentes and resident Stephen Dutton, has a lot to do with people trying to help by feeding the homeless.

The Miami Dade Homeless Trust has labeled street feeding a big problem.

"If you're eating on the street - you're dumping your garbage and generally that means you are urinating and defecating," said Ron Book of the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust. "It's a health hazard and we balance the interest of the homeless with people that have homes and businesses in our community — not a good thing."

Book says there are many places where the homeless can get a meal, such as shelters and churches.

For resources on ways to help the homeless, visit the Miami Dade Homeless Trust.

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