Florida Ranks Second Most ‘Fun' State, study shows

What to Know

  • Florida came in just under California.

Despite the notorious traffic and constant humidity, Florida has proven to be the second most ‘fun’ state in the nation.

A report by WalletHub, a financial advice website, analyzed 26 factors across 50 states to determine what makes a state “fun.” Some of these factors included accessibility to movie theaters, recreational facilities and fitness centers.

With a total compromised score of 58, Florida came in just under California, whose score was 61.

Florida also ranked high in most marinas per capita and most fitness centers per capita – as the constant heat keeps its residents working year-round toward their best bikini bodies.

The sunshine state tied with California and New York for the state with the most restaurants per capita, which isn’t surprising considering that there are new restaurants popping up daily in Miami.

Snowbirds also made a splash in this study, naming Florida as one of the states with the highest country clubs and golf courses per capita.

Although the sunshine state ranked low in available skiing facilities, residents will find solace in the fact that we can lounge on the beach year-round.

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