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Florida Releases Covid Vaccine Report Following First Rollout of Vaccinations

Nearly 33,000 doses of the new COVID-19 vaccine have been administered since Monday, according to a new report from Florida's Department of Health.

The daily updates breakdown the age, race and sex of those who have received the vaccine across the state.

Of the 32,707 doses that have been administered, 7,729 doses were given to people between the ages 35 to 44 - the largest amount of any age group. 3,140 doses were given to people age 65 or older.

In South Florida, over 4,200 doses have been administered between Miami-Dade and Broward Counties - 2,610 in Miami-Dade and 1,675 in Broward.

The department of health's report comes after the first week of the vaccine's rollout in Florida.

The state received about 180,000 doses of the initial Pfizer vaccine approved for emergency use. Health care workers in Miami, Broward, Tampa, Jacksonville and Orlando were some of the first to receive the vaccine.

Residents in some care facilities were vaccinated just days later.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said 21,400 doses of the Pfizer vaccine were split between nursing homes in the Fort Lauderdale and St. Petersburg areas. The state has recently shown more infections among those over 65 than at any time during the pandemic, exceeding the peak of the summer surge.

One in 10 of those over 65 who get infected in Florida have died.

Over 170 hospitals across Florida are expecting another 370,000 doses of vaccines after the FDA granted emergency use of the Moderna vaccine Friday night.

On Saturday, Florida neared 1.2 million coronavirus cases after the state reported an additional 11,600 new cases. Florida's death toll reached 20,473 the same day.

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