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Fort Lauderdale One Step Closer to ‘Las Olas Loop' Underground Transit Network

The Fort Lauderdale City Commission agreed to pay $375,000 for the conduction of feasibility studies for potential development

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Almost a year after receiving an unsolicited proposal for an underground transportation system connecting Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale Beach, the Fort Lauderdale City Commission has approved the next actions in making this idea a reality.

On Tuesday, the commission sanctioned The Boring Company to proceed with feasibility studies that will lead to an affirmative decision on whether the network will be infiltrated.

The company, owned by Elon Musk, submitted the proposal for the plan in June of 2021 which details what a "loop" system is and how it differs from traditional underground transit.

"Loop is a high-capacity, underground, public transportation system in which passengers are transported in Tesla vehicles through TBC-constructed tunnels," the proposal reads. "Loop is an 'express' public transportation system and resembles an underground highway more than a subway system."

The document also explains the choice to place the loop within Los Olas Boulevard and how the decision would benefit the greater Fort Lauderdale area, both residentially and financially.

"Las Olas Boulevard is one of the key east-west arteries connecting downtown Fort Lauderdale with Fort Lauderdale Beach - two major activity centers and destinations for locals and visitors," it says. "Currently, the connection between downtown and Fort Lauderdale beach is served by the City's trolly system, with limited opportunities for transportation capacity enhancing improvements such as road widening or public mass transportation systems without significantly impacting businesses and residents along the corridor."

"The limited opportunities for transportation enhancement along Los Olas Boulevard not only contribute to increased traffic congestion along this important corridor, but also limit potential future growth for the City of Fort Lauderdale," it continues.

The proposal also explains that the loop is an innovation that can be fit to meet the city's needs at any given point — it can be easily expanded based on demand.

While the proposal had yet to see action since its creation in 2021, Tuesday's decision serves as the first step towards truly exploring the endeavor.

Feasibility studies will allow the City to further decide whether they feel the network would be a beneficial addition to Fort Lauderdale.

In response to this step, Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean J. Trantalis expresses his vision for the potential project and his reasoning behind pursuing it further.

“The Las Olas Loop is an innovative, cutting-edge solution to help address the City’s long-term transportation needs and ease congestion,” Mayor Dean J. Trantalis said. “People headed to the beach on a holiday weekend or during a big event like the Boat Show will be able to get there quickly and hassle-free. We are thinking outside the box to build a city of the future.”

To read more about the Los Olas Loop, read The Boring Company's proposal here.

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