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Group on Golf Cart Seen Stealing Political Signs From Front Yards of Key Biscayne Homes

Neighbors say almost all of their signs supporting Biden and Harris were stolen over the holiday weekend.

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Home security cameras captured a group on a golf cart stealing signs supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from the front yards of a Key Biscayne neighborhood -- another example of the emotions in the heated race for the White House. 

Neighbors say almost all of their signs supporting Biden and Harris were stolen over the holiday weekend. Footage from one camera shows a golf cart in the street slowing to a stop and what appears to be minors hopping out from the cart and ripping the political signs off their metal stands. A second camera captured the trio in action before making their way down the street. 

Key Biscayne Police Chief Charles Press has now launched an investigation into what happened with the signs.

“In one day, all the Joe Biden signs are gone, and the two or three Trump signs that were here are still here,” Key Biscayne resident Alan Fein said. “Please don’t take these signs. It really is a crime and but more to the point it's just not right. Don’t take Trump signs. Don’t take Biden signs. Let everybody exercise their own First Amendment right, which they get to do on their property."

Jackie Kellogg organized the sign campaign in the neighborhood. She says about 90 of the 100 signs that went up are now gone.

"We had a lot of them distributed and the first day we started getting text messages that they were all gone. We redistributed them again. The second day we got more text messages that they were all taken," Kellogg said.

The police chief has detectives looking into the three official theft complaints filed so far.

“We are treating it like we would any other crime—vandalism, theft, whatever," Press said. “It’s a very volatile time right now and we understand that. So, we take these things as seriously as you can. This is not something that we tolerate or we’re going to tolerate."

The theft is a reality check for residents in the community that during this political season, even their normally tranquil community isn’t immune from the hard knocks to win the White House this time around.

"Sometimes I feel along Key Biscayne we feel like we are in a little bit of a bubble, a safe space, a really great place, and then it's just disappointing to see the reaction out here. But it's the matter of the fact of what's going on," said resident Mariana Kellogg.

The police chief says he’s not aware of any Trump signs that were taken over the weekend. Anyone with a driver's license on Key Biscayne is allowed to drive golf carts out on the road, and detectives are trying to figure out if a parent was behind the wheel in the footage.

"Duct tape, whatever it takes, those signs are going back up," Jackie Kellogg said.

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