Heat Working on Pact to Part Ways With Chris Bosh: Report

The Heat are reportedly working on a mutually beneficial deal with Chris Bosh

The Miami Heat and Chris Bosh are working on a mutually beneficial deal to part ways, according to a report by the Miami Herald.

If both sides complete the agreement, the team will receive maximum cap relief. Bosh would become a free agent at the same time and would be free to play elsewhere. Completing this pact could have a major impact on Miami's roster construction.

With Bosh's $25.3 million salary off the books for 2017-18, the Heat would be able to offer a more lucrative deal to a player such as Dion Waiters. While Miami could have retained Waiters even with Bosh's contract on the books, it could now dive into free agency as well.

Miami will likely have to pay Bosh most if not all of the money he is owed, but the cap number will not reflect that. Bosh was on a max-contract and was eating up a good deal of Miami's salary cap, while sitting on the sidelines for over a year. The Heat have been stuck in a tough position and at times seemed to be at odds with the star.

"There isn't anybody in this organization that feels worse for C.B. than I do,” Heat president Pat Riley said. "It got a little sideways at the end because of feelings and things of that nature. I think in due time it will run its course and take care of itself."

Bosh is currently taking blood thinners and has not been cleared to play. It is unknown if he will ever be cleared to play, due to his issues with blood clots. Under previously known rules, Bosh's return to the league could have had implications on Miami's cap. With this new agreement, Bosh would be able to return to the court and not have an effect on Miami's cap at any time.

The 33-year old likely has plenty left in the tank and was in an All-Star when he was forced out of action. It was at the All-Star Game in 2016, that Bosh first was shut down with the clotting issue. The star has not returned to the court since for game action.

There is no timetable in terms of completing the pact, but it should be announced prior to the beginning of free agency in July. Both sides would certainly like to put this behind them as quickly as possible. The Heat also would prefer to know their available cap space, before free agents start signing elsewhere.

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