Hollywood Police

Hollywood Officer Needed 13 Staples After Deadly Altercation

Hollywood Police said the officer involved in a fatal altercation Monday needed thirteen staples to close a wound on his head.

The incident started when neighbors on the 1800 block of Jackson Street called Hollywood Police saying a white man, Daniel Mark Tyson, 30, had stripped off his clothes and was walking in the area acting erratically. Neighbors said Tyson had just moved into a nearby apartment two weeks ago, but appeared to be having mental issues the last 24 hours.

Hollywood Police said when officers arrived; Tyson continued to behave erratically and was violent towards officers. Police said Tyson attacked the officers and during the attack, Officer Alexis Ramirez was hit in the head with an object.

Police said officers used a TASER on Tyson and the incident was brought under control. Tyson and Officer Ramirez were taken to Memorial Regional Hospital. Tyson was pronounced dead at the hospital, while Ramirez had 13 staples applied to close a wound.

Police said they are treating the death as a death in custody and that the incident remains under investigation.

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