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ICYMI: Man Turned to NBC 6 Responds for Help in $40,000 Cruise Refund Fight, Child Tax Credit Could End Child Poverty in South Florida

Here are some of the top stories from the last week from NBC 6 News

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Here are some of the top stories from the last week from NBC 6 News:

Man Turned to NBC 6 Responds for Help in $40,000 Cruise Refund Fight

Leo Corradini and his wife did not want a big bash to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They wanted to go on a cruise with their immediate family.

“She said, ‘look, I’m going to squirrel away money to take the entire family on a cruise to Hawaii,’” Leo said his wife told him.

They reserved five staterooms aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America, paying over $40,000 in February 2020 for the seven-day cruise.

“We did it about five years ago with some friends and it’s just a phenomenal cruise,” Leo said.

New monthly payments worth up to $300 from the enhanced child tax credit are set to begin on July 15 and will go to about 39 million households. NBC 6's Marissa Bagg reports

Child Tax Credit Coming July 15th, Could Help End Child Poverty in South Florida

In a matter of weeks, South Florida families will start to see the child tax credit hit their bank accounts. The Biden Administration announced July 15th is when people can expect those $250 and $300 credits.

It's welcome news to Bukola Adebici of Hollywood. She cares for her 2-year-old daughter Trinity, and is expecting in August. 

“I’ve been unemployed since November 2019 so that’ll help me out a lot, I’ve had to depend on my partner," said Adebici.

The child tax credit means families with children under the age of six will receive $300 per child per month, and those with children aged 6-17 will receive $250 per child per month.

The mother of Bryce Gowdy -- a rising football star who died by suicide in 2019 -- is using the pain of losing her son into raising awareness of the importance of mental health, especially among Black youth. NBC 6's Kim Wynne reports

Mother Who Lost Son to Suicide Wants to Raise Mental Health Awareness Among Black Youth

Shibbon Mitchell has been longing to hold her son for the past year and half.

On Dec. 30, 2019, her son 17-year-old Bryce Gowdy took his own life by jumping in front of a train. 

“There’s a big part missing from all of us,” Mitchell said. “It just feels like a hole in my chest.”

Bryce was days away from living out his dream— playing football for Georgia Tech.

Mitchell says despite a bright future, her son was struggling mentally.

NBC 6's Laura Rodriguez is in South Miami is looking at how businesses are dealing with the new rules and guidelines.

Instagram Page Highlights Miami Businesses That Dropped Mask Mandate

Wednesday was day one of a "mask optional" policy at The Bar Method Miami for vaccinated clients.

The South Miami exercise studio was closed for in-person classes for several months. Owner Lillian Osborn had to pivot to Zoom classes -- then eventually back to in-person masked classes -- and now she made the switch to masks optional.

“We are just doing the best that we can as the rules change," Osborn said.

Clients seem to be adjusting well to the change, says Osborn, with those who are not vaccinated taking classes with a mask on. 

We've been hearing a lot about the ongoing struggle many restaurants are having hiring enough workers. Sergio's Restaurant in Kendall has found a creative solution -- in the form of a robot. NBC 6 Anchor Jackie Nespral has the story.

Sergio's in Kendall Is Using a Robot Server Amid a Shortage of Workers

Another indirect effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is finding workers for the hospitality industry.

From salons and hotels to restaurants, workers are a hot commodity. 

"We’ve been struggling to find labor," said Carlos Gazitua, CEO of Sergio's Restaurants. "Everyone is in the entire market, not just restaurants. And we had to see what can we do fishing from the same pond."

And since "necessity is the mother of invention," creative solutions are in high demand.

NBC 6's Phil Prazan has the story on how some companies may be misleading you to believe their products are greener than they actually are.

Consumers on the Lookout for ‘Greenwashing'

Melissa Gracey says she began buying eco-friendly products after reading about Anita Roddick, founder of the environmentally friendly store “The Body Shop.”

Years later, she drives an electric car and considers being environmentally conscious with her money a lifestyle, even if it costs a little more.

“We need to show that these things are important,” Gracey told NBC 6. 

Gracey says she avoids using paper products, pays special attention to the packaging when she shops and buys in bulk to use less plastic. 

Companies have noticed customers like Gracey and continue to market more products as eco-friendly. But she says people need to do some research because not all eco-friendly claims are backed up. 

“Sometimes, companies can say they are doing something that is eco-friendly, and it turns out they’re really not,” Gracey said. 

It’s known as “greenwashing” - when companies mislead consumers about how “green” or “eco-friendly” their products are.

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