It's Time to Play the Name Game – Again

Dolphins are in negotiations to change the name of their home field, again

Land Shark Lager, we barely knew thee, and yet it seems too long.

With the Miami Dolphins' season almost over and that means that it's time for Margaritaville to hit the door. But what will fans do now that the venue formerly known as Dolphin Stadium is nameless?

The Miami Herald is reporting that a Canadian-based financial investment company wants to put their name on the marquee. Who do they think we are, the Buffalo Bills?

With the Super Bowl only a few months away, corporate sponsors should be lining up to get their name in lights over the Magic City.

Negotiations are sure to bring mega bucks to the franchise, which will lead to more stadium boxes and undoubtedly higher ticket and beer prices. And we are sure owner Stephen Ross wants to erect another South Beach bar on the club level.

Considering the glitzy collection of minority owners the Dolphins have amassed this season, why not go for the gold with the new name? We could imagine Dol-fans telling their friends they are headed to Dolce and Gabana Field to catch the 'Phins play the New York Jets.

But this one's pretty fitting, considering "Sun Life Stadium" sounds both sweltering and lively, half of which is always true of Our Stadium -- though equally fitting might be names like Stab Happy, Cooked Whites, Donut Round, and Where's Marino (ooh!) -- but there's no deal done just yet. Two sources told the Miami Herald that the Dolphins and Sun Life are in "serious talks," with one source suggesting an annoucement could come after the holidays.

We know it's been tried before, but naming the field after a local celebrity or sports figure may be the way to go. No, we aren't thinking Dan Marino or Don Shula.

Let's give a shout out to Pitbull Stadium. He already has the key to the city, so why not a stadium?

At least the new team fight song will have a nice hook.

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