Jaguar, Komodo Dragon Receiving Care at Zoo Miami

072315 jaguar surgery crop
Zoo Miami

A jaguar and Komodo dragon are receiving special care at Zoo Miami as they face different challenges.

Nieve, a 19-year-old jaguar, had surgery performed to remove what is believed to be a cancerous tumor on her abdomen that was the approximate size of a grapefruit.

The surgical team was successful in removing the tumor and also spaying the big cat while removing several large ovarian cysts.

The surgical team was happy to find the tumor had apparently not spread to other critical areas of the body and hope that by spaying her it will reduce the possibility of the tumor returning quickly in the future.

Nieve is slated to be returned to her exhibit at Amazon and Beyond within the next several days.

Khaos, a 17-year-old Komodo dragon, has been suffering from limited mobility in his hind quarters that sometimes resembles a type of paralysis.

The veterinary team has worked with the animal science staff to develop a program combining traditional medicine, deep tissue massage and range of motion exercise that are now being combined with hydrotherapy in hopes of re-establishing at least some mobility.

Initial attempts this week showed some promise and the hope is to schedule continued therapies on a regular basis.

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