Jennifer Lopez, Jason Statham Open Up About “Parker”

They sat down with NBC 6 about their new movie, which is mostly set in South Florida

If you’re up for a romance this weekend, don’t think you’ll get your fill by heading in to check out “Parker,” starring Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez.

The newly released movie isn’t a romance. Sure, the main characters meet up and kind of become partners along the way – but staying true to the fictional novels written by Donald E. Westlake, Parker is true to his long time love, and that’s not Lopez.

Statham brings to life the literary crook from the fictional series.

“He’s a criminal, he’s a crook, he’s a thief. He’s many things that operate on the wrong side of the law,” Statham said.

Ironically, the title character operates on a code of ethics, and seeks revenge when he gets double-crossed. Enter the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez. Viewers might be surprised, however, to see that she’s not her usual stunning self in the film. It’s part of her character, Leslie.

“She’s a regular working woman, she’s a real estate agent, she’s pushing 40, she’s recently divorced and living back with her mom,” Lopez said. “Everything is just going wrong in her life.”

“Parker” opened Friday and is rated R.

Though the movie skips around the country at first, most of the movie is set in South Florida.

“It’s not easy to film in Palm Beach, you know the people in Palm Beach, they don’t want Hollywood there, but I don’t know the word ‘no,’” director Taylor Hackford said. “I don’t take that as an answer and I was able to work.”

Lopez has admitted that the filming of “Parker” came right as she was filming “American Idol” and going through her divorce with Marc Anthony, and she was able to pour that emotion into the role of Leslie.

She also said that she enjoyed filming so close to a place where she enjoys being.

“It’s always great for me to come down to Miami and to film. This has been like a second home for me for years,” Lopez said. “I owned a house down here for a long time and I always think about coming back, so it was great to be able to spend summertime here at that time in my life especially, so it was great.”

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