Kids Fighting Cancer Celebrate Life at Miami Children's Museum

National Cancer Survivor's Day celebrated Sunday

These kids are unlike other kids, they are warriors and fighters in the battle against cancer.

Children diagnosed with cancer spent the day at the Miami Children’s Museum for some fun and to get away from the needle sticks, the hospital stays and the nausea-causing chemo treatments they’ve already endured in their young lives.

The event celebrated National Cancer Survivor’s Day.

Doctors diagnosed 12-year-old Danny Sarmiento five years ago with a brain tumor.

“I don’t like going to the hospital. I just don’t like it,” Sarmiento said. “Like when I get out of the hospital I’m happy already.”

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Seven-year old Colby Berman is now lymphoma-free after he was diagnosed as an 18-month-old baby.

“Basically from that point on our lives changed and it became difficult. It became focused around him,” said father Paul Berman. “We have two other children so the life part of life sort of went on hold and it was a survival mode for us. “

Doctors say treating cancer in children is much different than treating adults. The cancer’s make-up is different and so are the little patients.

“As pediatricians we enjoy taking care of kids because they are easier to handle than adults. Plus they are, it’s hard to express themselves so it’s harder to understand their needs and their concerns. So, it’s more challenging but it’s more exciting,” Dr. Ziad Khatib, a pediatric oncologist told NBC 6.

Sarmiento may be 12 years old but he says he already has a goal. “I know I’m going to stop this treatment and I’m going to go to school and I’m going be a normal kid.”

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