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Lauderhill Man Arrested for Scamming Elderly Out of $500,000+: Police

Lottery scam reached victims in New York, Arizona, Texas and Massachusetts

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Four years of allegedly scamming the elderly out of their life savings are over for 50-year-old Linton Roberts. Lauderhill Police say he is part of a lottery scam that had tentacles reaching victims in New York, Arizona, Texas and Jamaica.

“They target the elderly because they’re vulnerable and they exploit their circumstances,” said Det. Richard Clarke, the lead detective on the case.

For six months, Clarke investigated Roberts and found at least nine alleged victims. Red flags went up when thousands of dollars went into Roberts’ bank accounts and then were withdrawn quickly.

Clarke says the victims were duped into thinking they won millions in a lottery and had to pay thousands in taxes before getting their winnings.

“I have no doubt there is other victims and I have no doubt they’re actively preying on victims now,” Clarke said.

Clarke says the scheme is much bigger than Roberts. He’s convinced Roberts is a pawn in an organized fraud ring. Police arrested Roberts on Monday, and the scams keep going.

“It’s clear to me he is part of an organized ring, based on the convo and statements from victims just the language used, the tone, I don’t believe Roberts made those calls,” Clarke said.

Roberts faces 21 charges of fraud, theft, money laundering and exploiting the elderly. His bond is set at $1.1 million which is less money than what the detective feels he’s responsible for taking.

“I have identified he is linked to over $1.4 million, what I can prove, though, is about $550,000," Clarke said.

If you get a call claiming you won the lottery but you have to pay first — be on alert, it is probably a scam. Call your family to help vet the situation or call police.

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