Les Miserables: Miami High On Depressing Cities List

Miami ranks second on "Most Miserable Cities" list

So much for fun in the sun. Most people in the Magic City are miserable in Miami.

That's the assessment of Forbes.com, which ranked Miami as the second most miserable city on its annual list of places where the outlook is as depressing as a funeral procession.

Getting Lebron James and reality shows to come to South Beach apparently aren't enough to lift the spirits of the average Miamian.

According to the Misery Index (we didn't make that up), Miami ranks second because of it's high unemployment, foreclosure and crime rates and local politicians' knack for ending up behind bars.

 Recall anyone?

The finance magazine also factors in the success, or lack there of, of local sports teams and the brutal daily commute, which makes it easy to see why Miami is the place not to be.

The only place in America worse off than the 305 is Stockton, California. California and Florida dominate the list, with West Palm Beach also cracking the top 10.

But no one likes to be No. 2. So why was Miami left from the top spot? Blame the sun.

"The good weather and lack of a state income tax are the only things that kept Miami out of the top spot," Forbes.com wrote.

Miami was No. 6 last year, so our dire situation has - well, become even worse.

For good measure, Cleveland ranked 10th for their LeBron hatred.

We'll drink to that with a smile.

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