Miami Couple Claims They Own a Divine Dresser

The Virgin Mary's image is on our dresser, family claims

It's not often a garage sale renders a religious experience, but that appears to be what has happened to Frank Salazar and his fiancee, Haydee Suarez.

The South Miami couple said they purchased a wooden dresser three years ago at a garage sale and put it in their home, only to never use it.

So during a little spring cleaning last weekend, Frank decided to put the dresser out to pasture in a garage sale of his own, when he had a holy moment of clarity.

On the top dresser drawer, he claims an image of the Virgin Mary suddenly appeared as he dusted the chest off.

A closer look at the divine dresser also revealed an image that resembled a set of praying hands on the second drawer, Salazar said.

"It was something freaky," said Salazar, 39, who is not-so-surprisingly a carpenter by trade. "I took a picture and when I zoomed in, it was clear as day."

The Virgin Mary showing up on an old dresser isn't the weirdest thing in the world considering sightings of Jesus' chaste mom have been seen in everything from a grilled cheese sandwich to the side of a chimney.

The garage sale was more than spring cleaning. Salazar has been out of work for six months and the family needed so extra cash to make ends meet.

"I look at this as a miracle and maybe a message that something is happening to help us out," Suarez out. "I think the message is don't give up hope even though things seem down and out."

The dresser hasn't been put on sale yet and has been moved to the front living room. The couple is thinking about putting it on in hopes of finding a buyer who sees the significance of their discovery.

But the find will change their lives, regardless of the money, said Salazar, who was raised by Catholic Cuban parents. Salazar admits he's not a very religious person, but that could soon change.

"I haven't gone to church, but I sure plan to," he said. "This really changes my views. I used to look at the news and people would say they saw things and it never caught my eye until it happened to me.".

So is Virgin Mary really using Salazar's dresser to store her chastity belts or is this just a wood stain? You be the judge.

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