Local Community Steps Up to Feed Families During Coronavirus Pandemic

Two slices of pizza can really make a difference. 

Alliyah Blakely, who looks after three children, said sometimes she doesn’t know how she’s going to feed them. 

Lunch has been taken care of for Blakey’s family Friday.

“I was going crazy, like, what the hell am I going to do with this coronavirus, everything shut down, no jobs,” Blakey said. 

It’s a day-by-day, even meal-by-meal situation for Blakely, whose children are not in school.

“I didn’t know where I was going to get some food from for my kids but you know, God always makes a way,” she said. 

Between Miami-Dade and Broward counties, more than 600,000 students are out of school.

The community is helping. While Jack and Jill Children’s Center closed its doors this week, they opened their hearts to feed Broward County. 

“It is so important right now because so many of our families and community members are either losing their jobs, or we have places like this that unfortunately have to shut doors,” said Alana Wortsman, a manager at Jack and Jill Children’s Center. 

They will offer meals Saturday too. 

John Stetson, owner of Stoner’s Pizza Joint, has partnered with Broward County’s school system and plans to give out 10,000 slices of pizza. 

“This is a time when we can all work together, and who doesn’t want to bond over pizza?” Stetson said. 

Stetson brought about 240 slices to St. Ruth Missionary Baptist Church.

“This is an opportunity for us to lend a hand to the community when everyone needs a little help,” Stetson said. 

Non-profits are asking for your help too if you have it. 

The Miami Diaper Bank is asking for money donations so they can continue helping young ones, like Blakely’s youngest child. 

Diapers and dinner are next on Blakely’s list. She’s hopeful this will work out. 

“Faith in God and stuff like that, just praying, he’ll make a way because it’s so crazy how I won’t have any money and someway, somehow something comes,” Blakely said. 

If your family could also use help, you can now call or text 2-1-1 to find free meals for children under 18 while school is out.

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