Make-a-Wish Grants 8-Year-Old's Wish to Meet Crocodile

Eight-year-old Ryland Gallagher has always wanted to meet a crocodile and an alligator. On Friday, Make-a-Wish Souther Florida was able to grant his wish.

“Ryland has cystic fibrosis, he was diagnosed shortly after birth, said Tammy Handly, Ryland’s mother.

The family flew in from Colorado Springs to one of the best places to meet alligators and crocodiles – Zoo Miami.

The private tour was led by Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill.

Ryland was also able to spend time with plenty of other animals at the zoo.

Ryland’s wish will also include a private tour of the Everglades and a trip to the Florida Keys.

“The wishes change lives and so we wanted to do that. Give him the thrill of his life,” said Stu Opperman of Make-a-Wish Southern Florida.

“I think this is something that’s going to stick with him forever,” said Handley. 

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