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Maluma Debuts in Hollywood Alongside Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in ‘Marry Me'

Reggaeton singing superstar Maluma can now add acting to his list of accomplishments.

That’s right! The Colombian heartthrob is crossing over into film as he makes his big acting debut in the much-awaited romantic comedy 'Marry Me,' starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson out Valentine’s Day weekend.  

“It has always been one of my dreams from a very young age to venture into the world of acting, I always wanted to do it,” Maluma said.

The 28-year-old musical artist and fashion icon, who at 16-years-old traded his dream of becoming a professional soccer player in Colombia to pursue a singing career, is now proving once again he’s a force to be reckoned with as he ventures into the world of make believe in Hollywood.

“As a Latino from Colombia, who was going to think that my first movie was going to be a Hollywood movie with Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez?” the singer wrote on Instagram.

The singer told Billboard Magazine, “We’ re making history right now as a Latin community, and I feel very proud of being part of this big, big movement that we’re having right now.”

'Marry Me' follows the story of Kat Valdez, a superstar Latin singer played by Jennifer Lopez, who is about to be proposed to by Maluma’s character, Bastian, who is also a supernova singer much like himself.

When Kat finds out Bastian was unfaithful, she decides to marry Charlie (Owen Wilson), a stranger in the crowd holding a “Marry Me" sign.

"I enjoyed ... the experience of being in the movie, even making the music was beautiful too," Maluma said.

'Marry Me' is playing in theatres now and streaming on Peacock starting February 11.

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