Mayor in Strip Club Fracas: “I'm Exhausted”

Pol faces public week after he's allegedly drunk and disorderly in strip club

Just a week after he allegedly got drunk and disorderly at a West Palm strip club, South Palm Beach Mayor Martin Millar dodged tough questions and angry residents as he faced the public during a town council meeting last night.

Millar reportedly had a few too many while taking in a show at Rachel's Steakhouse and Adult entertainment club last Monday night, getting thrown out of the club after he shined a flashlight at an exotic dancer, then threatened a club manager, according to a police report.

Millar told West Palm Beach officers that he was the mayor of South Palm Beach, and told them "I'm better than you," according to the Palm Beach Daily News.

Though he wasn't arrested, Millar caught a lot of heat at last night's town meeting.

"I can't believe you're here tonight, you have no shame at all," one man said, according to WPTV.

It wasn't all negative though, and Millar received applause after one woman shouted out, "Good for you for going to a strip joint!"

The meeting seemed to have worn out the Mayor, who said he has no plans to resign.

"I will not comment on anything that happened at Rachel's, just that people supported me," he told WPTV. "I'm exhausted and I'm going home."

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