Men Involved in Miami Shootout Begin Serving Sentences

The high profile murder case against the son of a Canadian diplomat moves forward. Two people connected to the case got their murder charges dropped.

Anthony Rodriguez and Johan Ruiz Perez turned themselves in on Tuesday morning. The two are now part of the murder case against the son of the Canadian consulate in Miami.

"He was sentenced to serve a minimum of five years probation with the condition that he complete boot camp, which is a fair resolution to the case," said Jose Elortegui, Rodriguez's defense attorney.

Rodriguez and Perez were facing charges of third degree murder and drug possession with intent to sell. But prosecutors offered them a deal. They dropped the murder charge in exchange for their testimony against Marc Wabafiyebazu.

"Anthony will be about four to six months in a little military-style boot camp and then after that he'll be on house arrest and probation," Elortegui explained.

Wabafiyebazu is in jail on first degree murder charges for the death of his brother Jean and Joshua Wright.

Prosecutors said the Canadian teens went to see Rodriguez, Perez and Wright to buy drugs, and to rob them. But instead, the encounter turned into a shootout.

On Tuesday, Rodriguez was wearing a T-shirt in memory of his friend Wright killed in that shootout.

As the two defendants are taking part in boot camp, the trial for Wabafiyebazu is approaching. It begins at the end of November.

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