Fort Lauderdale

Men Posing as Construction Workers Steal From Elderly Woman

An elderly woman was the victim of a distraction theft in Fort Lauderdale.

Police said two men, posing as construction workers, duped the 94-year-old.

Investigators said the bad guys knocked on her door and said they were construction workers. They were even dressed for the part, according to detectives, in vests and hard hats.

One man who lives in the area said the roadwork around a nearby bridge on Fiesta Way might have made the men more convincing.

"There's a lot of workers around here because of the bridge. She probably believed them and let them in."

Police said the suspects told the woman there was damage to her sea wall and then convinced her to come outside to show it to her.

Next, detectives said one suspect sprayed an unknown substance onto the woman's hands and then assisted her inside to wash them. That's when police said her jewelry was snatched.

For some, it seems this might be an isolated incident. Others said even one crime like this is too much.

Police said the victim wasn't hurt.

As for those two male suspects, they were last seen taking off in a white older model pickup truck, according to police.

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