Miami Among the Gayest Cities in America

Miami ranks 15th on the Gayest Cities in America list

Few cities make gay look as good as Miami.

A recent poll ranked the Magic City as the No.15 "Gayest City in America," according to The Advocate, one of the leading gay and lesbian publications in the country.

And what makes Miami so gay, you might be asking yourself? Fashion and an abundance of half-naked, tanned men, of course.

"The Design District has given the city its own promenade of chic stores and restaurants, and style boutiques like the Webster and Alchemist have elevated fashion beyond the beach look," an analysis of Miami's queerness stated. "But coastal chic can’t be quashed here. Thankfully, there are still hordes of hot tanned and toned guys cruising South Beach."

Oh, it's still raining men on South Beach.

The rankings were based off of "completely unscientific" data like the number of entries in with the word "gay" in the business name or description, the amount of gay bars, and the number of openly gay elected officials in the area.

Miami ranked No. 1 in the number of listed officiants for gay weddings within 50 miles and for hosting the most "Tegan and Sara" performances over the past five years.

The "queerest burg" on the annual" list is Minneapolis.

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