Miami Beach Police Make Surprising Discoveries in DUI Checkpoint

The Miami Beach Police Department conducted a DUI checkpoint Friday night, officers diverting traffic and checking every car.

But it wasn't your typical checkpoint. Officers were looking for much more than just drunk drivers. And you may be surprised at what the officers are able to spot with their eyes and their technology, in just a matter of seconds.

Just withing the first few minutes of the operation, officers caught one person driving with a learners permit, another driving with no license at all with two half empty beers inside the vehicle, and another man was arrested for having 26 suspensions against him.

Lining the streets were officers trained as what's called "drug recognition experts." They are looking for everything from Street drugs, prescription drugs, even the new drug flakka.

"They're looking at the totally of the driver, sweat, the pupil dilation, mouth movement..." said officer Ernesto Rodriguez.

Another police cruiser is parked a few blocks away with a license plate reader attached to the back. It is connected to a computer so police can instantly search for stolen cars and illegal warrants.

"People may be a little bit hesitant but at the end of the day any arrest we make here potentially saves a life," Rodriguez said.

Officers are here from more than three different agencies working together. Friday night it was at the corner of Michigan and 5th Street. Next time, it could be at a corner near you.

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