Miami-Dade Cracks Down on Illegal Firework Sellers

A Miami-Dade business was busted just days before the July 4th holiday for selling illegal fireworks, officials said.

Sky King Fireworks in Miami Gardens, with their arsenal of high-flying, exploding missiles and rockets, was grounded by the Miami-Dade Fire Marshall.

"Our main priority, obviously, is the safety of the public," Chief Alan Cominsky said.

Fire inspectors diffused Sky King before they sold a single item, leaving employees unpaid.

"I don't know what's considered illegal," said one frustrated worker Wednesday.

Officials say basically anything that flies or explodes is illegal in Florida.

"Sparklers are legal, fireworks are not in the State of Florida," Broward Sheriff's Fire Rescue spokesman Mike Jachles said. "If it makes a boom or if it takes off, that's a firework, those are not legal for consumer use."

"How is it that up in Palm Beach County you're allowed to sell fireworks, same fireworks?" the Sky King employee asked. "If you go to TNT I guarantee you'll find the same fireworks."

TNT Fireworks is in Dania Beach and for many years, customers have flocked there to buy the same sort of fireworks that got Sky King shut down. They get around it by making people sign a waiver saying they're using the fireworks for agricultural purposes.

"Well, that's a big issue we encounter across the state, certain facilities, when that statute was passed, I guess were grandfathered in," Cominsky said.

Cominsky said there are no facilities in Miami-Dade like TNT, which can get away with selling the big stuff.

Meanwhile, Sky King has been ordered to remove all of its illegal products.

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