Miami-Dade Police Increase Security at Malls Ahead of Holiday Shopping Season

Following recent mall thefts and with big crowds hitting the shops for the holidays, you’ll be seeing stepped up patrol in Miami-Dade County to help keep you safe.

Miami-Dade Police have begun “Operation Grinch Buster” in an effort to keep those who may be looking to commit a burglary from doing so.

“We're looking for people distracted on their phones and not paying attention to their surroundings,” said Officer Maria Annarino. “Also, make sure when you park you park in a well-lit area and safe place

“You're going to see more police presence at mall, you're going to see patrol,” said MDPD Director Juan Perez.

Police have two phrases they want the public to remember at this time – “see something, say something” and to “lock it or lose it.”

“Ladies tend to leave our purses sometimes in the car and that's a big no no,” Annarino said. “What we need you to do if you're going to leave it, do so at home.”

“We know there are few who will seize the moment and try and take advantage of those of us distracted during these holiday seasons,” said Perez.

Police are working with Homeland Security officials and have set up a suspicious tip line for you to call in worrisome behavior at 1-855-353-7233.

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