Miami Says Relax

Magic City least stressed, according to new survey

Relax Miami, you're the least stressed city in the nation.

So says a new poll, called the Life Balance Barometer Survey, released today by Harris Interactive.

The country's most stressed city was Chicago, followed by Houston, Boston, L.A. and San Diego.

"It is (due) to a combination of different things. There wasn't one thing that made Chicago stand out but they were the ones who had the least attainment of life balance," Harris Interactive spokeswoman Regina Corso told Reuters.

Corso said Miami's warm weather, ocean access and laid back attitude helped it grab the top spot. Apparently those surveyed have never driven in traffic around here.

"I expected to see a different order," Corso said of the 25 polled cities. "But maybe people in Chicago are trying to do too much."

Of the 1,539 people surveyed for the poll, financial pressure was the overwhelming cause of stress, followed by fighting the fat and getting fit, and unemployment.

Clearly our housing bust and high rate of joblessness was overlooked.

Dallas/Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Cincinnati and Minneapolis rounded out the list of least stressed cities.

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